Motion Dynamics™ Ltd Treatments are individually designed to address your specific needs and goals. In the Postural Assessment, we identify postural distortions by measuring tilt, torque and rotation in all the major body landmarks. Stretch and Align, our core stretch therapy, treats soft tissue resistance, adhesions, and fascial restrictions that impair movement. Injury Prevention reduces your chances of getting hurt and Injury Rehabilitation treats pain. Return the spring to your step.


  • Postural


    Your posture matters! Faulty movement patterns start with asymmetrical posture.


    Every client receives a thorough postural screening to assess postural symmetry. We identify postural distortions by measuring tilt, torque and rotation in all the major body landmarks.


    Postural screening identifies “why” clients experience pain and discomfort and which muscles and soft tissue structures are short, tight and restricted. We identify muscle groups that are weak and require stability training.


    A targeted flexibility training program is then designed and implemented to help you create an awareness of your postural patterns and connect with your centre of gravity. This will reset your body position. By distributing the weight of your body evenly between the front and back, left and right sides, we decompress and reduce pressure on joint structures, normalizing muscular and fascial tension.


    The neuromuscular system is programmed to adapt to the movements and habits you have developed over the years. We help you reprogram your body, maximising mobility.

  • Stretch and Align

    Our exclusive system resets,

    re-balances and re-aligns your body, maximising mobility.


    We teach anatomically correct posture and increased body/movement awareness, rapidly removing tension and compression in the body. Active and dynamic mobility treatments normalize muscle and fascial tone in the outer subcutaneous tissues, muscular fascia, and deeper layers of collagen that wrap around the joint structures.


    Stretch and Align produces smooth functioning myofascia – the network of fibres that give our bodies strength and flexibility – and reduces pain signals.


    Optimise joint mobility, enhance athletic performance, speed recovery times and decrease the likelihood of injury. Flex back the years to a time when we were light, nimble, supple and flexible in our movements.

  • Injury Prevention and Injury Rehabilitation

    You are only as strong as your weakest link. Your alignment matters!


    If you could prevent an injury from happening, you would. Injury prevention is a key concept of our system. We quickly identify restrictions in the joints, muscles and fascia, and where movement patterns need to be normalized before and after injury.


    Faulty movement patterns, structural misalignment, scar tissue from previous injuries and poor range of motion surrounding the joints, make it more likely you will succumb to compression injuries or repetitive overuse injuries of the soft tissue structures.


    The body is a chain of movement. If one link in that chain is not working, it will cause the entire myofascial system to compensate and weaken. Soft tissue injuries take time to heal, regenerate, and repair. This reduces mobility and prevents you from performing your favourite sport or pastime.


    Our integrated system includes Positional Release, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Treatment, Muscle Energy Techniques and Active Release Therapy. These tools prepare your body for physical activity as well as to repair them from sprains and strains after an injury.


    We will embark on a journey to let you to feel and move your body with an acute awareness. You will learn how to stand, walk, sit and run correctly. Let's optimize your bio-mechanics and transform your body.


    Our personalized holistic approach focuses on your individual needs and goals. We empower you by increasing your vitality and helping you feel and move like a younger self.

  • Reclaim your body.

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    "Because of a narrowed disc I had been seeing several physiotherapists and other specialists for almost 2 years. After a session with them I would be able to function for a few days and then my back would inflame again and I would need to go back to therapy. When I met Chris, he did not look at my troublesome lower back, but he looked at my entire posture: the position of my head, shoulders, hips and feet…all uneven, rotated, and crooked. Chris gave me the knowledge and the techniques to align myself, and stretch and strengthen the muscles that caused my problems and that are also the key to solve it."

    Danny Fang

    President/Creative Director - Fang Studio Limited

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