Motion Dynamics™ Core Concept is to stretch and align your body. Our exclusive system uses active and dynamic movement techniques to rapidly re-educate and re-balance body alignment and movement. The result is increased body awareness, better mobility, improved athletic performance, and enhanced endurance.

  • Flexibility & Stability lead to Maximising Mobility.

    All 360 body joints will move effortlessly without restriction. Optimal mobility is friction-free movement - our ultimate target.

    Motion Dynamics™

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    "For me Chris has been a miracle worker.  It's hard to describe exactly what he does but it combines the best of  Pilates and Alexander Technique with some of the corrective benefits of Osteopathy. I suffer from Costens/TMJ syndrome and the only advice consultants could give me was to relax and it would probably pass. Difficult when you have constant ringing and pressure problems with your ears, a jaw that feels disconnected, a stiff neck, awkward balance and a sense of compression when walking. Chris could see where the problems came from and already, after only a few sessions, my body alignment is much better and the tinnitus has largely gone."

    Lady Angela Neuberger

The Motion Dynamics™ team is passionate and enthusiastic about helping you discover your optimal range of motion. Under our careful guidance, we deconstruct your old postural habits and reconstruct a new postural foundation.  

Postural Assessment

Every client undergoes a thorough Postural Assessment on their first visit to identify imbalances and mis-alignment. We identify treatment options for postural correction, maximising mobility.

Stretch and Align

Our exclusive system uses active and dynamic movement treatments to rapidly re-educate and re-balance body alignment and movement.

The result is increased mobility, improved athletic performance, and enhanced endurance. Foundational Flexibility opens up the joint spaces and Foundational Stability corrects postural weaknesses.

Injury Prevention and Injury Rehabilitation

Our integrated manual treatment system includes Positional Release, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Treatment, Muscle Energy Technique and Active Release Therapy. These tools prepare your body for physical activity as well as to repair from sprains and strains post injury.

Together, we will embark on a journey to learn body awareness, functional bio-mechanical movement and physically transform your body. Our holistic approach is personalized, focusing on your individual needs and goals. We empower you by increasing vitality and help you feel and move like a younger self.

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